Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Present

We don't usually offer/receive presents at New Year's Eve. Christmas is that time of the year when we anxiously wait for Santa and joy fills our hearts. I got lots of presents this year again and you all know how that goes: no matter how many, no matter how beautiful we still tend to choose one as being the most wonderful. Yet, this year, I didn't get the most wonderful for Christmas...sorry Santa, this time you cannot take full credit!

My most wonderful present this winter is a New Year's Eve present! It's not beautifully wrapped, nor is it expensive ...it's a speech! A speech I finished reading couple of minutes ago and I'm sure I won't stop thinking about for quite a while. 

Despite analyzing life from a totally fresh perspective this speech also came as a confirmation that, at times, even the most surprising test may result in the confidence that no matter how difficult, life proves to be the most wonderful gift: not beautifully wrapped, or expensive...yet so much worth it!

And since 2013 is almost over, I dare shout: 
LIFE, any tests in store for me in 2014?
 Bring them on!


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