Friday, June 7, 2013

A teacher's work & place ...

I am a teacher,
But I have not always been SO
strict, demanding, nightmarish ...
I was a student, too -
To have sometimes skipped classes,
To have once in a while come to school
without the 'holly thing' that now,
as a teacher, you already know I call
                    HOMEWORK ;)

I was even better than you at some point,
'cause I cheated without being caught!
And I also got trapped, the same as you,
in the all time cycle of loving/ hating/ loving/ hating

But at least now I am the TEACHER! :)
Do I like it , or do I hate it?
You might think you've all figured it out by now...
Yet let me surprise you all by saying that
I constantly do......both and it's all!

Cause you teach me to love it when you first step in,
To hate it when I happen to come across your cheating,
To love it when you stand out
and OMG...don't you know how to do that...
To hate it when you walk out
and yes....unfortunately you all do that!
But don't get me wrong! I love to hate it
as much as don't hate loving it,
I love to hate it cause even then it's all about trips:

And believe it or not, I'm not just a teacher,
I sometimes
Or should I say....destroy?

The WALL they build....I take down:
lesson by lesson, brick by brick.
And when you sit on a pile of bricks they call STAGE,
Delivering what they might think is a SPEECH...
I know it's not EDUCATION we make, but build waves.
And it's not water we need for our sea, but souls...
The kind that they call STUDENTS, but I say FRIENDS,
people to some day take some other heavy bricks
       off their walls!

P.S.: So my dear students, remember this:
                     TEACHERS may simply work in SCHOOLS,
                     but they also help you do this:
                     always stay true to your DREAMS!