Monday, April 22, 2013

Fancy reunions?!? ;) - 4th August 2012, Sibiu, Romania

Some say it's all about the fancy venue...some say it's about the fancy gowns...some appreciate the gourmet menus...some always praise or find fault with the music...and some take advantage to display achievements...some, NOT ALL! I had the pleasure of taking part in my ten year college reunion and I am happy to say it was not fancy! The venue was nice, so were the gowns, menu, music and the's just say we made the best of these 10 years that passed in a blink of an eye. was not fancy, it was so much more: it was natural. A bunch of girls that hardly knew what the fancy AML GRADUATE stood for 10 years ago proved to be smart enough to find their own way and make it into a world where loving your job has become the attribute of the few. It wasn't easy...we studied modern languages and turned out to be doing just about anything: engineering, architecture, business,cooking, management, traveling, bartending, name it, we've been there! 

And although successful, we managed to keep away from the fancy...we stayed natural! That's what i loved about our reunion, my dear colleagues and that's why I'm already looking forward to the next one! To those of you who have already found their way: KEEP ON GOING! To those of you who are successful, but feel there is still something amazing waiting for you: MAKE THE BEST OF EVERY NEW OPPORTUNITY! To those of you who are still looking: NEVER GIVE UP!


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