Friday, March 22, 2013

Public everlasting passion!

"So, what is this Public Speaking thing anyway?" - a simple question that got it all started. In the beginning I was just curious, then I got a little bit scared that I might not be able to do this... I even remember praying that my first student who considered it would just give up in the end, but he didn't! So we embarked on a journey of hard work and long sessions of speech delivery and dealing with difficult questions. This is how it all started. And then it gradually turned into something more, something we could easily call a lifestyle, a trend, the thing that keeps us going, students and teachers alike.

It's those 5 minutes when the world stops and everyone listens to you, your minutes of glory, your once in a year opportunity to speak out and let everyone know about your views on life. It's your's the one time you own the stage and hold the audience heart.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand" was this year's topic. Words of wisdom if you ask I've been teaching for almost 10 years and not even once have I come across a more wonderful experience that bonds teachers and students into proving that contrary to what others may think, TEACHING  is nothing else than ANOTHER BRICK OFF THE WALL! "Are you willing to free your mind and accept that?"


  1. Speechless. you said once that you couldn't deliever a speech, but i know that you can and i bet that when you'll do,i'll start to cry..again!! Still, i love you even when you make me cry :)) kisses <3

  2. Welcome, passionate and inspiring teacher! May you be as successful, as a blogger!:)