Monday, April 22, 2013

The 5th season ;)

It's not even May yet and I cannot help thinking it's that time of the year again. Some call it an end, others say it's a new beginning, some look forward to it, others fear it, but no matter the term, when you're a teacher it's all about saying goodbye to yet another generation. 'Good bye'... simply another term, yet I bet 12th graders could easily define it by two different, yet so similar concepts: letting go & holding on. And I tend to agree with them up to a point.

That's because to me, this time of the year is each time different. Let's take the last generation I said good bye to as an example: smart kids, my first CAE generation, my first Public Speaking Club. Our good bye? Tearful event, lots of pictures and heartbreaking speeches...a short story in itself if I were to write about it, but I won't, not today. Today is all about the kids....youngsters graduating in a month! And it's not a story, it's several, it's a list of structure, no particular style, no assessment grid and most importantly, no final mark! Just a list of words!

So here it goes:

1. You say good bye, I say Cluj 2010 - The National Olympics!

2. You say good bye, I say Slobozia 2010 - The County Theatre Festival: Shakespeare, we love!

3. You say good bye, I say The International Public Speaking Competition:  2011, 2012, 2013             ( Constanta, Pitesti, Bucuresti )

4You say good bye, I say Iasi 2011 - The National Olympics!

5.  You say good bye, I say Italy - Calabria April, 2011.

6. You say good bye, I say Eforie, 2011 - Together Against Drug Addiction Camp.

7. You say good bye, I say CAE exam - June 2012 - British Council Romania.

           You say good bye, I say it's about letting go as well as about holding on. And when I say good bye, I think it's not really letting go as you'll carry all these experiences with you for the rest of your lives, while I, as a teacher, shall hold on to doing the same for others. So do your best at keeping the 'fine mingling' between the two and think of it as yet another season of the year and let's all agree on calling it the 5th season, a season of beauty, growing up, making the first important choice in life and doing what you've trained for, all these years: fly! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL: XII D - 2013! :) 


  1. don't say goodbye! we are still thinking of you;) 'the middle age woman with a changing hair'

  2. maybe..but think of it like this: when people will read this they will wonder..."who is HE? or she?" anyway..great blog:) why do you wanna make us feel so sorry that we left highschool?:( and what's wrong in being anonymous?