Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oranges and apricots ...

Let me just get this straight! I was not born an apricot!

Yet when you question my ability to do something right, you turn me into one. Yeah you! Being told what you have to do, what you cannot do or what you should stop dreaming about, is like turning our whole world into a freaking apricot nursery ... Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing whatsoever against apricots ( nice fruit...sweet flavour ) but I keep telling you I was not born one!'s a totally different thing cause they're not that fragile, they last longer and they make Xmas...OMG!...what nicer flavour to your Xmas than the smell of a peeled orange? C'mon...even you have to admit that!

Yet you keep on whining about things: '' that's not how you deal with people!/  that's not a well written essay!/  why is my dinner overcooked?/  why can't we just stay at home tomorrow instead of coming to school?/  why do you have to be so damn romantic and not accept life for what it really is?/  why is my mark so small?/  why do I have to write homework?/  you're not a good mother!/  I hate this stupid movie!/   you drink too much!/  did you put on some weight?  how much?/ ...just tell us a sum and we can afford it...everyone can be bought! I'm telling you/ this is not right: pay too much attention to your students' needs and they'll forget to respect you!/  stop playing computer games and start studying!/  you have an exam coming up! why can't you be more serious?'' ... and the list could go on like complain...and complain and you're always trying to change me...and I keep telling you I was born an orange and your whining turns me into a damn apricot. NO! Wait!'s worse than that: I'm a damn apricot juice by the time you finish pointing the finger...

And ... I was born an orange! And ''an orange's happiness does not mean being an apricot''...So why not just be grateful for the people in your lives...just the way they are? You feel like some apricot juice? Go get it from the corner shop! And just leave me be.....what I was born to be!

P.S.:     1. 'you' = everybody
           2. I apologise to apricot  sellers for the possible market fall due to the publishing of this ...writing    piece.

... inspired by Catherine Prejlocaj's novel Le Bonheur pour une orange n’est pas d’ĂȘtre un abricot
Couverture Le bonheur pour une orange version poche


  1. I grew up on oranges, but at a certain moment in my life i was invaded by apricots (i think we all were). Now i'm so lucky to be surrounded by oranges again. Even if it's juice or fresh fruit, the taste is still the best of them all(no offence to apricots, great flavour! - check grandma's tree)